As trade show season kicks off, EA Langenfeld and Elkay are gearing up to help retailers leverage the opportunities in the evolving clean water legislation across the country. With Datastory’s location intelligence platform, MapDash™, we’ll showcase how to turn policy changes into sales wins.

Lead is a Nationwide Issue

Many states have recently passed or proposed bills mandating that schools test water sources and remediate any lead contamination. There is over $190 billion available in federal aid through the CARES Act to help districts upgrade facilities and reduce exposure to lead.

This legislation presents huge potential for increased demand for water filtration products across school districts and other facilities. At the upcoming Ace Hardware Fall Convention, we’re proud to be using MapDash to equip retailers with intelligence that elevates their ability to capture this opportunity with Elkay’s water filtration technology.

Tapping into Data at the Ace Hardware Convention Water System Violation MapDash

Establish Your Store as the Premier Destination for Water-Safe Solutions

Retailers visiting Elkay’s booth will see how MapDash enables smart selling that prioritizes sales opportunities through a location-based and data-grounded approach.

Targeting school districts and buildings impacted by new water standards based on demographics, building age, and other attributes.

Provide retailers with targeted opportunities and accounts based on the proximity of schools/facilities to their locations and sales team capacity. This enables efficient prospecting.

Insights into high-value accounts by understanding the surrounding foot traffic patterns, consumer lifestyle preferences, and local business landscape.

New Market Opportunity Tapping into Data at the Ace Hardware Convention

By leveraging MapDash’s location intelligence capabilities, retailers will gain the exact tools needed to capitalize on legislation-driven B2B opportunities. They’ll leave the convention poised for sales growth and equipped to establish themselves as trusted experts.

Ace Hardware Fall 2023 Convention

Join Elkay and EA Langenfeld at the Ace Hardware Fall Convention in Booth 6259 to learn how MapDash can help you capitalize on evolving clean water policies and infrastructure upgrades nationwide. Let’s turn regulatory changes into revenue growth.

At EA Langenfeld, we recognize that legislation and market dynamics will continue to evolve. Our location intelligence division provides the agility and foresight our clients need to constantly adapt and capitalize on emerging opportunities. As new regulations arise across different states, MapDash allows us to quickly analyze impacts down to the district level and equip retailers with customized strategies. We can identify ideal prospects based on infrastructure needs, budget situations, and other attributes that signal high potential. Location intelligence allows us to see around corners, track local policy conversations and anticipate the next wave of modernization requirements. As markets shift, EA Langenfeld maintains a future-focused approach that positions our clients for sustained growth and success in the years ahead.

Datastory is a trusted Esri Partner that leverages ArcGIS technology to provide turn-key solutions that elevate location intelligence for businesses.