We offer a unique portfolio of services to simplify the complexity within the retail channel to optimize growth in the brands that we represent.

Headquarter Sales

We maintain close, long-lasting relationships with leading hardware retailers so you don’t have to.

With over 60 years in the industry, we are able to offer sales planning and execution, support services, daily contact with retailers, forecasting, and promotional planning while maintaining relationships to provide our customers with the greatest opportunities for placement and growth.

  • The entire organization is run on Salesforce which allows the activities that occur at the corporate level to be visible throughout the entire organization.
  • We invest in technology like Tableau to allow our teams to turn data into action plans.

National Sales Reach

Our dedicated strategic account team, located across the country, is focused on selling, training and merchandising in stores.

They build personal relationships with store owners to aid in product placement directly on the shelves based on target market needs.

  • Commited to bringing new and exciting programs of leading brands to dealers and assist with comp store shops to ensure competitiveness and execution in the store.
  • Periodic and seasonal reviews of store assortments and brands to ensure timely new product introductions and utilization of point of sale materials to maximize sales and return on investment.
  • Expert recommendations of impulse products, cross merchandising, endcap and power isle/pallet promotions, and more resulting in increased customer visits, average purchases and dealer sales.
  • Available for curating associate product knowledge training and events such as; Contractor/PRO, grilling demos, etc.

Category Management

An important and often forgotten component of the sales process is Category Management.

This is where we get into the weeds! We use customer data, client data, market data, and proprietary location intelligence information to advise the best product strategies within planograms while speaking to clients and buyers. We have a dedicated Lab space in every office used to create custom sets, build planograms, and display products for training, show prep, strategic planning, and to host line reviews for buyers to touch and see products.

  • Utilize Shelf Logic software to roll out new and/or adjusted planograms (POGs) to individual stores or across an entire chain of stores.
  • The ability to build booths from the ground up in the Lab to ensure the most effective and efficient product displays at trade shows that fully utilize the space allotted.
  • With new, devoted resources in-house, we can assist with booth signage whether it’s a header for a gondola, or a custom booth package including backdrop, table skirts and custom signs.

Design & Print Services

With a wide variety of capabilities, our team was created to be an extension of your marketing efforts by prioritizing internal brand guidelines to create consistency to best represent your business.

Choose from point-of-purchase (POP) materials, large format banners, brochures and catalogs, email marketing, trade show booth signage, business collateral and more.

  • Capabilities to aid in trade show, in-store, digital and print marketing needs tailored to the hardware and retail industry.
  • In-house design and production team with years of expertise dedicated to finding creative solutions to obstacles businesses may face.
  • Dedicated to using high-quality materials for our printing services to guarantee your brand always looks its best and is represented well.

Trade Show Management

Trade shows are our Super Bowl!

We pride ourselves on managing trade shows from beginning to end. We start with booth planning and logistics, then put together promotional and marketing strategies and secure retailer appointments, sell in-store and in-booth during show windows. It doesn’t end there. We also provide post-show follow-up to maximize sales and return on your investment.

  • Our entire sales team is focused on utilizing shows as a great opportunity for our clients to gain sales and placement.
  • We utilize the strategic account team, call center and email campaigns to keep your brand, products and show specials top of mind.
  • During the show period, our customer care team works with thousands of stores and processes their orders to keep our client’s products on shelves and in stock.

Location Intelligence

Best-in-class location intelligence solutions allow business leaders to make better and faster decisions with confidence.

This team is a blend of data scientists, GIS analysts, subject matter experts, strategic thinkers and storytellers who artfully transform data into meaningful and actionable insights.

  • Understand Your Market Potential - Understand demographic and behavioral mixes across retail locations to help target specific sales opportunities.
  • Target Your Key Customers - Track changing lifestyle and foot traffic patterns of the evolving consumers to create targets.
  • Integrate Your Customer Data - Integrate Point of Sale or loyalty data with multiple consumer attributes.
  • Reveal Opportunities - Discover hidden opportunity gaps in the marketplace.

Performance Analytics

This knowledgeable team aids clients in making data-driven decisions by providing historical data analysis, Tableau/Power BI reporting packages, and forecasting.

With the use of top-level KPI and SKU-level analysis, eCommerce clients can better evaluate performance in different channels, gain insights on market size and find potential growth opportunities to better allocate marketing resources.

  • Tableau and Power BI reporting packages for eCommerce, Salesforce, and other clients providing top-level and item-level insights.
  • Provides market analysis for eCommerce clients to understand the size of the market and the potential opportunities to grow sales.

Customer Care

Our centrally located team of experienced associates are dedicated to being an informational resource across channels with the capability to handle quotations, inbound customer calls, order processing and tracking, product searches and much more.

  • Provide an excellent resource for quoting, placing orders and tracking shipments to ensure members/dealers have up-to-date information.
  • Specially trained on various CRM software including Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and D365.
  • Vast knowledge and experience working with many different channels in retail including hardware, eCommerce, big box, and industrial.

Inside Sales Team

Our team directly engages with thousands of stores across the country sharing client promotions, new product launches, planograms, changes in legislation and more.

This can look like connecting with potential prospects or current customers via phone calls, emails and other online channels.

  • Cultivates well-established relationships with members and dealers developed through numerous sales and promotions.
  • Reaches thousands of members and dealers each month with current promotions and new product launches as well as answers any questions a member may have.
  • Gathers information for surveys to be used for future sales tools.


With the primary goal of growing share and sales online, this curated team specializes in eCommerce management - creates listings in Vendor and Seller Central, manages Brand Registry, drives meaningful advertising campaigns, audits product listings and enhances content, and creates custom digital assets.

  • We invest in valuable tools such as Tableau, Jungle Scout, and Teikametrics to help clients navigate the complicated eCommerce landscape.
  • Our dedicated graphic design team works with clients to improve listing views and conversions.
  • The eCommerce Operations team handles day-to-day needs such as chargeback disputes, order processing, and many other tasks so our clients can focus on the other needs of their business.

Digital Marketing

Through our digital marketing services, clients can take advantage of creating email campaigns from start to finish for trade show specials, brand exposure, product knowledge, closeouts, and much more.

We can assist with everything from strategizing to designing and executing on how to best reach thousands of hardware stores and contacts.

  • Direct access to decision-makers at hardware stores
  • Custom designs tailored to your unique brand and message
  • Email analytics to track engagement, effectiveness and target specific audiences for future campaigns

In-Store Support

With over 50 years of experience, this team helps leading organizations create stunning in-store experiences for their customers.

Whether it's shopper education, installation, merchandising, or whole-store remodels, they won't stop providing world-class service until the project is done.

  • Every store has unique challenges, and we are equipped to solve them all to maximize client sales with conversions, new store setups and remodels.
  • Retail is alive and well, but only if frontline employee expertise enhances customer knowledge and experience therefore, we provide associate training, aid with product launches and in-store marketing programs.
  • Whether a single display or an entire store, we offer merchandising and installation services that we see through to completion.