Our Story Begins

Eugene Langenfeld founded the business in 1960.

Our first office was located in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart and focused on Housewares lines. We entered the Hardware trade in 1970 and have continued to grow. Today, Langenfeld has more than 100 associates and offers true national and international coverage calling on 8 channels of trade.

Early on, Langenfeld was focused primarily within the electrical, plumbing, and building materials categories. However, through targeted growth and acquisition, we have expanded our reach within the store to include most departments and categories. This reach positions Langenfeld as an important partner from customers’ corporate offices, all the way to the store level. Our partners know we can provide much-needed industry knowledge, product information, and technological value.

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Why E.A. Langenfeld?

We build teams and offices around customers. We currently have 4 locations built to support customers across the country.

This allows us to be laser-focused, to learn and know the customer inside and out. The tenure gives us a unique position with customers as merchants often come to us for expertise and insight. 

Ultimately, our strength as an organization resides with our people – their intimate knowledge of our clients, customers, and the resources we have available at our disposal. 

Our unique structure as one master brand with four distinct and independent business units allows us to guide clients and customers completely through the sales process.

Datastory uses location intelligence, helps to determine where the products will be most successful. Langenfeld’s sales teams work with corporate offices and individual stores to place products. Touchpoint is the merchandising solution that executes projects on time and on budget. Langenfeld Studios, our newest company, offers design, marketing and print services to support brand awareness and integrity.

E.A. Langenfeld invests in these strategic areas:

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Recruit, hire and retain the most talented people in the industry to guide our clients to continual profitable growth

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Tech & Data

Engage and invest in state-of-the-art retail technology and analytics to drive our client’s sales and profitability long term

Business Plan


Broaden our reach through geographic, services and class of trade expansion that benefits our clients and customers

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Raising the Bar

Raising the bar means to set a high standard and to raise expectations.  We raise the bar not only for ourselves but also the channel & industry

Our Team


Greg Chess

Vice President, Hardware


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Nick Barnett

Corporate Sales Representative


Steve Henley



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Nate Warner E.A. Langenfeld

Nate Warner

Strategic Account Manager


Nate’s primary focus is on Mid-States members in the Mid-West Region with the goal to deliver long-term growth for our clients.