When was the last time you mentioned a product to someone and 5 minutes later you found an ad pop-up on social media, web browser or email? Is that annoying, helpful, creepy or all of the above? How do we use this technology trend and more importantly, how can it benefit your business?

The world of retail is constantly evolving and now using quite effective means to get you what you want in your personal orbit. Is TouchPoint360 part of this retail personalization trend and how can we be if our primary product is stellar service? This takes some time to explain, so bear with me over the next 2 minutes, and we’ll help break down some of the trends and how we play a major role in them.

Top 10 Retail Trends of 2024

  1. Hybrid Shopping
  2. Frictionless Delivery
  3. Al and Personalization Augmented Reality
  4. Inspiration-led Purchase Journeys Social Commerce
  5. Impulse Buying
  6. In-store Efficiency
  7. Sustainable Shopping
  8. Luxury Goods

Diving Deeper into Some Top Trends

In-store Efficiency

In-store efficiency is a hot trend right now, but what does it mean?

It’s all about having the right product and the right timing in a clean store. This trend fits our core area of remodeling stores to a tee! 64% of shoppers say that the in-store experience is extremely important to them. Our remodel teams live this every day and are part of the solution. Retailers agree that remodels are outpacing new store builds by 90%, and the return on the investment is typically in the double digits.

Hybrid Shopping

Hybrid Shopping is when customers buy items online and in-store.

Some retail experts have predicted the death of brick-and-mortar stores for over a decade. Contrary to predictions, retailers continue to invest in their stores, product assortments, and technology and are thriving. The hybrid model is here to stay. TouchPoint360 continues to help with the hybrid experience by building BOPIS areas for retailers across the country.

AI and Personalization

Artificial Intelligence (Al) and personalization are all that people are talking about! Many companies have already been embracing AI like Zara, Walmart, and Amazon to speed up warehouse processing time in their distribution centers across the globe. By increasing productivity and accuracy, customers and clients will receive shipments much sooner.

We are seeing the benefits of this with our sister company, Datastory. Using location intelligence, they can support retailers with data to aid in product selection, inventory management, and new store analysis. This is changing the landscape of retail by giving stores the tools to tailor their inventory specifically to the needs of their unique customers.

TouchPoint360 remains at the forefront of retail trends, offering affordable solutions to ensure retailers stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape. By understanding and embracing these trends, we position ourselves and our clients for success in the future.

Guest post by: Zach Breen of TouchPoint360