As EA Langenfeld evolves to meet customer needs in our channel, we have identified location intelligence as the forefront of our data strategy.

Today, E.A. Langenfeld, a leader in Client Representation, is pleased to announce our acquisition of Datastory, a best-in-class provider of location intelligence solutions. At EAL, our mission is to provide long-term, sustainable growth for our retailers and clients. That means as we drive growth today, we also keep an eye to the future; anticipating needs with a willingness to invest in technologies and processes that pave the way for sustained success. With Datastory as the newest division in our business portfolio, we can accelerate the growth of our efforts to bring location intelligence into the retail channel.   Datastory has been a trusted EAL Affiliate for nearly two years, helping us deliver best-in-class location intelligence solutions to the retail channel with key retailers and brands. As a result, it feels quite natural to become their partner and expand upon our success together!
This new partnership will build upon our recent achievements in the channel in a more efficient and powerful way, enabling our team to provide more customizable resources to optimize growth. In the next few months, we will share more information about how this will benefit EAL clients and empower sales growth. Datastory is a world-class, award-winning team of experts, grounded in a 28-year history of leadership in the location intelligence industry. The team is a blend of data scientists, GIS analysts, storytellers, subject matter experts, and strategic thinkers who artfully transform data into meaning and actionable insights.
With a mission to “give data a voice” so that business decisions can be made more thoughtfully and confidently, Datastory has created a web app called MapDash™ which is an uncomplicated, powerful, and affordable way for business leaders to immediately gain access to location intelligence resources. MapDash puts a multitude of data at your fingertips, visualized to reveal patterns and opportunities, and equips you to generate business insights using simple but powerful tools.
Together, we will advance the use of location intelligence within our retail channel, while building on and expanding Datastory’s ongoing success in real estate, non-profits, economic development, healthcare, faith communities, and education.